Computer Programming (II)

Spring 2005
Prof. Yukon Chang

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The following is a list of handouts and papers to be covered in the course.





Final Exam

The final exam is to be held in regular meeting time at Room 50701. Please bring your student ID card to the exam.


Special Office Hours

I will be in my office from 18:30 to 20:00 this Thursday to answer any question you may have on the final exam.


Midterm #2

The second midterm is to be held in class next week.


Assignment 6 and Assignment 7

Correction: Both assignments are due midnight 5/27.


Solution to Assignment 5

The solution to assignment 5 can be found Here. You can use these files as the basis for assignment 6.


Assignment 5

This assignment is due midnight 5/13.


Midterm Exam

The first midterm exam will be held in class next Tuesday, April 19, 2005. It covers Chapters 1 to 5 of the textbook as well as supplementary material covered in class. You may find the following links helpful when preparing for the midterm exam: 1) midterm exam from last year and 2) the warm-up test which contains a problem on pointers.


Assignment 4

This assignment is due midnight 4/10. Do it using stepwise refinement and keep the steps as comments in the source code.


Assignment 3

Do problem 3.30 on p. 244 of the textbook. You must develop the program using stepwise refinement and keep the pseudo code as comments. The assignment is due midnight 3/29.


TAs and their office hours

There are three teaching assistants for this course:

郭東黌: email:, office: 3107, 分機:3949.

鄭至益: email:, office: 3107, 分機:3949.

施明志: email:, office: 3107, 分機:3949.


Their TA hours are:

郭東黌: 14:00 ~ 17:00 Tuesday

鄭至益: 13:30 ~ 16:30 Wednesday

施明志: 16:30 ~ 18:00 Wednesday, 16:30 ~ 18:00 Thursday


Assignment 2

This assignment is due midnight 3/15. I will give extra points to anyone who 1) turns in his or her assignment early and 2) does an excellent job in designing new problems.



Supplementary slides for lecture on 3/8.


Warm-up Test Papers

I am making the exam papers of the lab test and written test on 3/1 available for your reference. Since many students had problems in these exams, I suggest everyone take the test at home just to make sure you are well-prepared.


Assignment 1

As announced in class, assignment 1 requires you to experiment with a simple C++ program. Download this program, make a C++ project out of it, and experiment with the program. Try to produce error messages from different tools in the VC++ IDE and explain what the error messages mean.

This assignment is due midnight, next Friday, 3/4. You need to get an account from the web site if you haven’t got one. Once you have access to this site, you can turn in your assignment as a MS Word file there.


Warm-up Test

There will be a warm-up test next week for students who are either retaking this course or who received a score less than 70 in Computer Programming (I) last semester. The test consists of two parts: a lab test and a written test. The lab test covers basic programming steps under Visual C++ and will be held in 3119 at 12:45 pm on 3/1. The written test covers C and will be given in class the same day.

To prepare for the warm-up test, you should study previous exams from last semester for the written test. Here are the tests: sample lab test, sample midterm 1, sample midterm 2, final. In addition, all recorded lectures can be viewed over the Internet at my streaming servers Go to 節目介紹and find our course at the bottom of the listing.



This is the syllabus for this course