CSA Steps 1&2. 找限定動詞+關鍵字 (練習)

點選限定動詞及關鍵字。選對的限定動詞會變紅色, 關鍵字會變灰底綠色

Cloud Computing, Comm. ACM, July 2008, Part 1

The Greek Myths tell of creatures plucked from the surface of the Earth and enshrined as constellations in the night sky.(1)  Something similar is happening today in the world of computing.(1)  Data and programs are being swept up from desktop PCs and corporate server rooms and installed in "the compute cloud."(1) 

Whether it is called cloud computing or on-demand computing, software as a service, or the Internet as platform, the common element is a shift in the geography of computation.(2,1)  When you create a spreadsheet with the Google Docs service, major components of the software reside on unseen computers, whereabouts unknown, possibly scattered across continents.(2,1) 

The shift from locally installed programs to cloud computing is just getting under way in earnest.(1)  Shrink-wrap software still dominates the market and is not about to disappear, but the focus of innovation indeed seems to be ascending into the clouds.(3,1)  Some substantial fraction of computing activity is migrating away from the desktop and the corporate server room.(1)  The change will affect all levels of the computational ecosystem, from casual user to software developer, IT manager, even hardware manufacturer.(1) 


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