CSA Steps 1&2. 找限定動詞+關鍵字 (練習)

點選限定動詞及關鍵字。選對的限定動詞會變紅色, 關鍵字會變灰底綠色

Cloud Computing, Comm. ACM, July 2008, Part 2

In a sense, what we are seeing now is the second coming of cloud computing.(2,1)  Almost 50 years ago a similar transformation came with the creation of service bureaus and time-sharing systems that provided access to computing machinery for users who lacked a mainframe in a glass-walled room down the hall.(3,2)  A typical time-sharing service had a hub-and-spoke configuration.(1)  Individual users at terminals communicated over telephone lines with a central site where all the computing was done.(2,1) 

When personal computers arrived in the 1980s, part of their appeal was the promise of "liberating" programs and data from the central computing center.(2,1)  (Ted Nelson, the prophet of hypertext, published a book titled Computer Lib/Dream Machines in 1974.)(1)  Individuals were free to control their own computing environment, choosing software to suit their needs and customizing systems to their tastes.(1) 

But PCs in isolation had an obvious weakness:(1)  In many cases the sneaker-net was the primary means of collaboration and sharing.(1)  The client-server model introduced in the 1980s offered a central repository for shared data while personal computers and workstations replaced terminals, allowing individuals to run programs locally.(2,1) 


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