Three goals of this course:

1.         Gathering information

2.         Digesting information

3.         Knowing the field


Gathering information:

l         ACM TechNews, wikipedia, thefreedictionary, FAQ

l         Search engine, super search engine, directory

l         Search engine algorithm, Nigritude Ultramarine contest

l         Library resources: IEL, ACM & IEEE journals/magazines, IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Potentials, etc

l         Standards: ISO/IEC 5218, RFC, 802.3


Digesting information

l         Vocabulary

l         CSA: identify finite verbs, identify keywords, break up into clauses, identify S+V, adding words, Chinese translation

l         Individual assignments review

l         Group assignments review


Knowing the field

l         Professional societies: ACM & IEEE (Computer Society, Communication Society, etc)

l         Standard Organizations: ISO, IEC, ITU, IEEE, IETF, W3C