System Management

Fall 2004
Prof. Yukon Chang

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The following is a list of handouts and papers to be covered in the course.





Make-up test

Click here for the names of students who are granted a chance to take a makeup test.


List of Unix Commands

Study the following Unix commands to prepare for the make-up exam:

adduser       diff          kill          pr            tee

alias         du            last          printf        telnet

ar            echo          less          ps            test

at            eval          limit         pushd         time

bc            exec          ln            pwd           top

bg            exit          locate        quota         touch

cal           expand        login         read          tr

cat           expr          logname       rm            umask

cd            fg            look          rmdir         unalias

chgrp         file          ls            script        uname

chmod         find          man           sed           vipw

chown         finger        mesg          sh            vmstat

chsh          getopt        mkdir         sleep         w

clear         grep          more          sort          watch

cp            hash          mount         split         wc

crypt         head          mv            strings       whatis

cut           history       nice          su            whereis

date          hostname      nl            sudo          which

dmesg         id            passwd        tail          who

dd            iostat        ping          tar           whoami

df            jobs          popd          tcsh


Unix File System

This short ppt file explains Unix file system, hard link, and soft link.


More on shell

This short ppt file explains some of the shell features used in /etc/rc


Learning shell

You can find an introduction written by me here and by someone who calls himself 網路農夫 here. You can find a lot of UNIX-related material in his site,



This is the syllabus for this course