System Administration

Fall 2004



Instructor:       Yukon Chang  張佑康

                          Office: 3507C

                          Phone: 657-7711 ext. 6521, 6501



Office Hours:  to be announced


Prerequisite:    Operating System and one year experience of UNIX as a user


Recommended Textbook:

UNIX System Administration Handbook, E. Nemeth, et. al., 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall, 2000. This is a very good reference for Unix system administrator and the 3rd edition includes information on Linux, too. On the other hand, many good sources on UNIX management in electronic form exist. These references will be pointed out to the students, who will then be responsible for gathering related material. In a sense, these sources are better than Nemeth’s book, or any other book for that matter, because, unlike books, web pages can be updated quickly to reflect technological advances. Although a number of Unix system administration books written in Chinese can also be found in bookstores, you should understand that one cannot survive as a UNIX system administrator on Chinese textbooks alone.


Course Information:

The objective of this course is to provide students with a good knowledge of UNIX system administration through hands-on experience managing such a system. Special attentions are also given to bridge fundamental operating system concepts learned in OS course and real-world UNIX systems such as FreeBSD and Linux. Lectures will be mostly based on FreeBSD. Assignments are to be done on both systems.


We will try to cover the following topics:

l       System administrative activities, including booting and shutting down, adding and removing users, hardware and software installation and maintenance, enforcing security, and performance tuning

l       Tools, including shell programming, sed, awk, and perl

l       Network management, including network basics, TCP/IP, NIS, NFS, e-mail, HTTP server, and network security


Grading:          Assignments                                   20%

                          Midterm Exam                                30%

                          Final Exam                                     40%

                          平時分數                                       10%